Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Creative Cooking Challenge

Thanks to this Creative Cooking Challenge, which by the way there is still time to enter if you’re quick, I have been rather experimental of late. So I thought I would put it altogether in 1 post to give you some ideas when doing your own pantry clean out.

First off I made things from a 3kg tin of peaches, which you can find here.
I then had lots of nuts to use up so I made a peach cheese cake with a nut crust. It was ok, but not brilliant

I made these fudgey brownies

I used up most of my TVP and lentils with things like TVP chilli, curry, beef soup (which contained no beef! Lol) and a stew. The beef soup was made using a packet my sister in law wasn’t going to use, adding some paprika, garlic salt and TVP. It was pretty good. My 1 year old had 2 helpings.

I have also gotten back into making my own rolls again. This is a habit I slip in and out of.

Today I made some paprika chicken, using a mix I made up some time ago, consisting of I can’t exactly remember. I tipped what was left in a bowl, covered the chicken then fried it. Super healthy, I know. Yes, I have not lost any weight lately, gee, I wonder why? Lol.

I do remember the mix had plain flour, chicken stock, garlic salt or powder and paprika. I added some extra paprika to freshen it up.

To go with the chicken I made turmeric rice and some vegies, see...

I also used up the custard powder I had sitting in the cupboard, along with the last of the nuts to make this custard peach pie.

I nearly forgot I made this one, chicken, avocado and feta pasta for a dinner I went to.

I also managed to use up some of my easi-yo, which got eaten and turned into some less than great muffins and things.

I can’t even begin to imagine how much money this has saved me over the last few weeks. As part of an extra challenge for myself, which you can see here I am aiming to use up all my food before buying more. All my pantry items are on my bench now, along with a list of what I have in the fridge/freezer so it can be used. I still have lots of food and ideas to go!

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  1. Yay. Go Girl.
    I also found it helped me to be more creative too, and I'll definately do it again a couple of times a year.