Monday, June 7, 2010

Unexpected free things

Gotta love freebies right? So Lambchop is giving me a screen for my new house lay out, which is very much appreciated.

Then yesterday my husband gave me a hat stand they were throwing out at his work. It's cast iron, swirly and very stury. This is the top

And this is the bottom.

My old hat stand broke so I was quite excited to get this pretty one!

Not only did I get a hat stand but I got a new microwave and speakers for my laptop. All FREE!

One thing i especially love about the microwave is it is WAY better than any I would ever buy myself. This looks like it cost a few hundred. Mine, which was dying cost me $80! I don't like spending on microwaves. I never saw the point in an expensive one, but boy do I love my new one.

I'm so happy. I love freebies!

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  1. I love freebies too! Freebies and bargains. However, I'm too lazy at bargain shopping, so it has to kind of fall in to my lap. ;)