Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weightloss after week 1

This picture is from Oct last year, but it is the only before picture I can find! I'll take another one today when I find my camera. As you can see I have some rolls I wish weren't there and me legs are thicker than I'd like.

Weight check in today. I have not been as good as I could have this week. It’s been a bit of an emotional one BUT I am so happy to announce I lost 1kg!

The biggest things I changed this week were basically cutting back on the carbs a bit, such as less pasta and bread, but eating more fruit and veg. I didn’t increase my exercise at all (lazy of me!) but I did start drinking chlorophyll again.

For those who don’t know chlorophyll is not strictly a weight loss thing. It is more to alkalinise your body and many people who drink find they slim down and get a better shape in their bodies. It works because our diet is too acidic and when your body has too much acid it stores it in your fat cells, making it virtually impossible to lose weight without alkalinising your diet.

I used to drink at least 1L of it a day and I lost 10kg which was awesome. I was doing a bit of exercise too then, but not as much as I should.

So the aim for this week is to step up the exercise (at this point even going for a walk once would be better than what I did last week!) and drink more chlorophyll. I have a party this weekend and I will be in Syd, which usually equals bad eating, so I am going to be much more conscious of what I eat. I REALLY want to be able to report a loss next week!

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