Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Changing it up - How I went from brown to red

Ok, so firstly, this week I lost nothing weight wise, but that's ok. I wasn't expecting much coz I just came off a detox and have gone back to more normal eating so my body is probably in shock! lol.

Anyway, I thought I would explain here how I changed my hair.

This is my natural hair colour. I get really bored with it though.

So I went this colour, which was fun for a while...Then I really changed it up and went this lovely red.

Now, it is easier for me coz I am a hairdresser. There's no way if you put a red over that dark brown you'd get the colour I have now. So here is what I did...

1.) Bleached my brown hair up to a light orange. I sectioned it off, slapped bleach all over and wrapped each section in foils. I was careful to avoid my scalp and regrowth though.

2.) I washed the bleach off. I shampooed it once, then towel dried it.

3.) I dried it completely. Yes, there is no conditioner in my hair so it feels like straw!

4.) I mixed together 50ml of 6.43 and 25ml of 6.56 (I got those colours from Price Attack, their brand colours) and mixed in  75ml of 20vol peroxide.

5.) I put that on my hair, section by section and left it on for 25 minutes.

6.) Rinse it out, shampoo, conditioner and dry it. (After the bleach I should have treated it at this point, but my hair is amazing and I can bleach it from black to white and it doesn't dry out. Yes, I love my hair! LOL)

I plan on posting another time pics of exactly HOW I apply colour, as I do it in a spider web pattern, which from what I have been told most people don't do, which is why they end up with missed patches. I didn't take pics whilst doing my hair this time, but I will next time, promise!


  1. You're stunning as a red-head! I recently went red as well, and love it on me too - it just fades WAY too quickly!

  2. Luuuurve the red hair!! I'm a sucker for red!!

  3. All three of these colors suit you nicely!! ( i am your newest follower from the blog hop)

  4. LOVE the red! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Now following, have a great week!!