Friday, July 9, 2010

Queensland holiday plans

We are planning a holiday to Qld in Nov. It will be all my husband’s brothers and sisters. His sister lives up there and travels down to see us all so we thought we would do a Christmas in November so we can all spend it together.

No plans are set in stone. His brother gets married mid Nov, goes on his honeymoon, then we all meet up in QLD, but we don’t know dates.

We will be driving up with my mother in law. We had planned on driving as it is cheaper than flying for all of us, plus short trips play wreak havoc on her ears. So we will be doing a bit of a road trip and seeing a few places on the way up and back, which will be very exciting.

We know we will stay with my sister in law for a few nights, do the whole Christmas thing. We also know we will be catching up with one of my good friends up there. The other nights we were thinking a hotel, but we need to book soon, as they are filling up fast!

We would like to take our kids to see Australia Zoo as well, which is about 2 hours north of my sister in law. I have a voucher for 20%off for us and since our youngest would not yet be 3, she would be free!

Ultimately I would love to do this trip for under $1,000. As soon as I know dates I will be hunting out the best bargains for everything. Here is everything I can think of that we need.

Petrol for the car
Australia Zoo

We will be getting some clothes and things, but they are budgeted for separately, so I haven’t included them.

I am aiming to only spend what we would normally on food. Not sure if I can, but it’s a goal. My mother in law will be pitching in with petrol money too she said (though I don’t expect her too.) I have some vouchers for cheap 4 star hotel accommodation, as in less than half price or we could camp.

We’ll see what happens. A holiday for under $1,000 would be awesome! It’s about 18 weeks, so probably 19 until we go (give or take) so I am planning on 18 weeks to save the money, which means $50 a week. I CAN do this!

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