Monday, July 12, 2010

Weight loss rewards

I have been thinking about my different mini weight goals and the rewards I would like for them. You see, I have usually celebrated with food, either a nice dinner out or cooking our favourite meal and dessert at home. This is not good and a cycle I would like to break. Why does it always have to be about food?

Some of the things I would LOVE to do cost so much money, but I am saving for them. As such, I am thinking for each weight goal I achieve I will have my cheap reward and expensive reward and depending on how much I have saved will determine which I get. Both are something I would like, so they will be motivating for me.

Here’s my mini weight goals and rewards

78.5 kg – The Glass Works (it’s free)

73.5kg – 1 hour of child free sewing time OR Sydney Bridge Climb

68.5kg – 1 hour pamper time at home OR Surfing lessons

63.5kg – Free make-over at a make-up counter in Myer/DJ’s OR Day spa day

60kg – 1 item of clothing, no OR on this one!

Once I have maintained my desired weight for 3 months, I will get a classic wardrobe that I have been wanting for AGES!

The reason I don’t have an expensive one for 78.5kg is because I got there in the last few months then packed weight back on, actually I got to 77kg! Then within a few weeks I was back at 84kg. How did I let that happen? As such I chose the Glass works which is on my 101 list and I have been wanting to go for ages. I don’t have far to go, provided I keep the detox weight loss off (I will be revealing that on Wed!)

And yeah, I changed my weight loss goal to 60kg. My old aim was 65kg, but I really want to be 60kg. It is well within my BMI. That said it will depend on how I look. I looked really good at 65kg before and was pretty happy with that. I don’t want to get to 60kg and it look too skinny on me. If I look too skinny I will put some weight back on.

For those who don’t use kg to measure weight, my start weight in pounds was 184.08 pounds and my goal weight is 132 pounds. (It sounds much nicer in kilos I think! Lol)

Do you have mini rewards for yourself? I mean the weight loss is a reward of itself, but do you have little things to motivate you to reach it?


  1. Great ideas for rewards... I think you should definitely treat yourself to the surfing lessons at 68.5. You'll deserve it and you'll look great in your swimmers!! I'm starting a new blog to try and get myself on weight-loss track. I guess I forgot you could have blogs for different reasons until I saw your's. Thanks for another great tip!

  2. I like your rewards. Very important to have. Think I might need to do some as well. I did buy a pair of jean on the weekend that are purposely 2 small for me so that I have that reward but will think of some others

  3. I love love LOVE the thought of saving the clothing spree until being well into maintaining! I think I need to alter mine because it makes SO much more sense to do it that way (and will give the extra time to save the funds needed).

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Maxabella, lol, my aim is to get to 68.5kg before my QLD trip so I will def get lessons! It's a big motivator as there is a timeframe and I so badly want them. :)You'll have to let me know when you do your weightloss stuff!

    Heaps good Ali! I have thingsw sitting there, only a few for when they fit me again.

    Thank Karen. I was going to do it as soon as I reached my goal weight then realised, what if I don't keep it off? Or I prefer the way I look @ 65kg. I don't want to have to get 2 new wardrobes! lol.