Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I am in the 70's!!

I am soooooooo excited. I know Wednesday is my weigh in, but I have been really slack on that lately. Guess what though? That’s right baby! I cracked the past 80 and am now 79kg!!!! Finally. And I am sooooo determined not to get back to the 80’s.

Quite a few people have told me that once they stopped eating gluten (after discovering intolerances) the weight melted off. That would be so nice.

I think if you are eating gluten free by changing what you eat, not just substituting what you currently eat with the gluten free version it will definitely have that effect.

I am planning on taking it one step further. I plan on cutting out sugar too. I don’t eat it a lot, but I really need to cut it completely. I have become so much more conscious of what we eat that it now horrifies me some of the things I used to eat.

I have been pouring over GF recipe books and it has been so interesting. I feel better and more vibrant. It is fantastic.

I have had some pretty sleepless nights though, so it hasn’t been perfect. I am an insomniac though, so I don’t think it has anything to do with the change of my diet.

Here’s hoping I lose more weight this week! I need to lose a few more kilo’s before Sept 11th. I am going to an ALL BLACKS game! Yeah, they are so going to win and it will be the 10th win in a row against the Wallabies!! (I know I am Aussie, but I never followed til I got married and since he’s ½ Maori, obviously he went for the All Blacks. And hey, if I am going to start watching and following a team, may as well pick the winners right?)

I only got into Union when I met my husband, so 6 years ago. Before that it was stupid to me. I know now more of their stats and things than Geelongs! Sorry Dad.

Point is, I need to lose a few more to feel comfy in my All Blacks top. I can get it on, but can’t relax in it. It’s a bit tight.


  1. Congratulations... But I disown you... For my sake you support Geelong.
    on the GF though... I have found I'm eating lots more fruit during the day and I'm not as tired during the day too! (I'm onto 4 days now!)

  2. Well done. Its never easy to loose weight so stay positive. You are an inspiration to all. :D