Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Medic Apron

This is a bad picture of an apron I made upon request. All they wanted was a plain white apron, with 2 large pockets and a red cross. They needed it for a re-enactment type thing.

I offered to make it, as there is nowhere you'd be able to buy something like it. I decided to make it a bit more than basic though. In the picture it looks crooked, but that's due to how I was standing. I really should learn to stand straight! lol.

Anyway, all I did was cut 2 rectangles for the main part, a red stripe for the bottom and 2 red stripes to make the cross, as well as 1 long white white strip for the ties.

I then cut 2 rectangles for pockets and used some scraps to make some internal pockets.

It didn't take long to stich all up and in the end we ended up with 6 pockets.

2 side pockets that go inside the apron.
2 big pockets on the front.
2 pockets in the red cross. 1 for pens and one for little things like band aids etc...

The recipient was so excited. I also made a little bag upon request to match. It just ties onto the side.

Overall I am pretty happy with it.

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  1. Ohhh, I like!! I should get you to sew more of my project list things, would get done quicker hehe