Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A confession

I have a confession to make. I’ve put on weight. I’m not happy about it and it’s why I haven’t really posted about my weight. I’ve had a few things in Sept which were junk food laden and I was not strong.

I’ve been slack on my exercise and have been so focused on other things I have not really thought about what I have been putting in my mouth.

I do this a fair bit. I lose weight, I feel good, then I put it back on. I lose it again and repeat the cycle. I WANT TO BREAK THIS CYCLE!

I am feeling a bit loser in some of my clothing, so I am not feeling terrible about my weight gain, but I still don’t like it.

I looked at myself in the mirror earlier and I can see the difference in my face and my body. It is changing, just not as fast as it could be.

So I had decided I am now in Camp Biggest Loser. If they can do it and most of them keep most of it off, why can’t I do it? I am currently at home so I have the time to exercise. I have just not been focussed on it.

I am also in charge of what I cook and what we all eat so now the whole family is changing what we eat. I am fortunate that my kids are happy to chomp on fruit, some veg, actually my 3 year old is loving grated carrot, I don’t know why, lol. They also love nuts, mainly cashews, not peanuts so there is no reason to have any junk snacks.

I have put up a piece of paper inside my pantry and I have to write on it everything I eat and drink plus all exercise I do, just like a food diary. Difference is instead of being private, anyone who opens my pantry can read it. (I was going to put it on the front, but I chickened out.)

I am upping my exercise again. Yesterday I got woken up at 6:20. Usually I would roll over and go back to sleep. I contemplated it. I seriously did. Problem is, if I want to lose weight I need to exercise more. So I walked and ran the 4km walk I used to do. I discovered I am 20 minutes out of shape. That is it took me 20 minutes longer than my previous regular time. I am truly disgusted at myself for this.

But it is a new day, so here we go!


  1. I've put on weight lately as well. I got pregnant last Spring and gained quite a bit of weight (ugh, morning sickness) and then lost the baby at 13 weeks and so I didn't get to nurse the baby weight off. Of course, my weight was of minimal concern in comparison to losing the baby-- but I am starting to think about how I"m going to fit into my normal jeans again. *sigh*

  2. Erin, I feel for you with your loss. I was unable to breastfeed my daughters, so the weight didn't come off from that.

    That and I was pregnant within 9 months of having my first, so I just put on even more with the 2nd.

    Have fun getting back into your jeans.

  3. This is such a sensible plan. It sucks when you put on after losing. Getting back into it is hard. But it sounds like you are gathering momentum......

  4. Sigh. Me and this merry-go-round are like besties. And not the cool kind you keep forever, oh no. The mean girls kind. Where secretly, I hate her guts.

    Time to get off it I think. Once and for all.

  5. Instead of being disgusted, be happy that you are changing it! Focus on the positive, yeah it happens, but you rock and are in total control!!

    Thanks for linking up with us on our Just One Change! Hopefully we see you again next Tuesday!