Friday, September 17, 2010

Op shop bargains

My daughters needed some new clothes this week. All theirs were so worn and beyond salvaging that I really needed to get them some things that they could leave the house in.

So off I went to the op shops. The first 2 I looked at didn’t have much. The third had only 2 things but the 4th and 5th were like PAY DAY!!!

As you can see from my photo I got a few items. In the 4th op shop I think someone in a size 5 must’ve just cleared the wardrobe (well, the mum did it). I got 5 long sleeved tops which look like they have only been worn once, and one was new with tags from Cotton On, $19.95. I got them for $3ea. Pumpkin Patch, Milkshake and Cotton On. Pretty happy with that!

I also got 2 pairs of pink shorts for my daughter for $1.75ea.

At the next op shop I got swimming tops, new with tags t shirt, Dora swim shoes (for the beach), a long sleeve top plus a jumper like new, plus a new with tags singlet top for my younger daughter, a barbie dress which my eldest loves to bits and a few other items all for $2.50ea! They were having a $2.50 kids clothes sale which was awesome.

I now have enough clothes to mix and match with their still fine clothes. Since it is spring here it is sometimes cool and sometimes warm so we need a variety of clothes. I am happy I have clothes they can layer now for warmth, but as we progress into summer I will have a few tee’s for them and the size 5’s are getting put away for next winter.

I was especially ecstatic about the swimming tops since we plan on going to QLD in Nov and it is going to be HOT. Plus being on the beach all day, they’ll need the protection.

As for my wardrobe, despite feeling I needed a lot more clothes, I didn’t buy anything. I’ll tell you why tomorrow.

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