Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finally moved

I have finally moved house. I moved in on Saturday. Whilst I am happy to finally be here, it was not the homecoming I expected.

The tenants left the house in a terrible state. There was mould, holes, rubbish, cockroaches, everything disgusting you can think of. In fact it was almost so bad we could have been on TV.

We had the next door neighbours march up to our house angry because the tenants had dumped an unregistered car in the street blocking their driveway.

I spent all day Sunday scrubbing the house. I could kiss whoever invented bleach! Lol. It has worked wonders in the house.

We roach bombed the house. On Sunday I made myself a sandwich left the room for a few seconds and came back to 3 roaches chowing down on it. I nearly puked on the spot. I killed them all and tossed it in the bin. The next day we opened the front door and saw SIX just chilling on the back of it. I freaked. We bombed the house and found a tonne of them when we came back. Dead or sill kicking a bit.

Cockroaches give me the creeps. Way more than spiders. I am hoping that problem has now been eliminated. We did not stay at the house while all this went down. We stayed at my mother in laws because we also had no electricity.

You see, according to the electrical company the power had been disconnected. After 4 phone calls to various companies and getting fairly irate I finally got that sorted and we got power on Monday. Fortunately our hot water is on gas and that was connected, so I was able to scrub away on Sunday.

Today we spent the day prepping and puttying the rooms to paint, pricing things at various shops and attacking the garden. There are bindis galore here. Also where the garden beds used to be is now knee high grass. Ok, well 6 hours ago it was, now I have ripped it all out and it is beginning to look normal again.

We won’t be staying in this house, so I won’t be getting chickens and things I would like just yet. I will be busy renovating and hopefully for very cheap.

I have worked out what I want and how much it all is. Now I am just trying to find it for free or cheaper than what I have priced it all at. Wish me luck!

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