Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My first wardrobe refashion.

Here's one fo my first refashions. I got this dress for mothers day and whilst it was nice, the sleeves never sat right and always annoyed me.

 So I decided to remove the shirt part of the dress and leave the wool part to use as dress. I can wear a white shirt under it if I want, otherwise I can wear anything I like under it. It is getting a whole lot more wear this way than before. I don't have anything on me legs here, but usually I have my leggings and boots.

This next one looks no different in the pictures, so I have just posted one. I got this top a few years ago and only ever wore it as a top under things.

Under the arms was too wide/low, basically the whole was WAY too big. The top of the sleeves was a slit, like a cap sleeve cut up the middle. I hated that. And recently it was developing little holes around the neckline.

So I stitched up the holes, stitched up under the arms and the slit in the sleeve. And you know what? It is now one of my favourite tops. So much so that I want to get fabric to make another!

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