Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is almost here and my husband wants to know what I want. He doesn't want it to be something for the house/family/kitchen etc... He wants it to be just for me.

Usually he would not care and just buy whatever it was I said I wanted. We have had a rough year though so he wants to treat me. At first I was all "Oh, I don't know". He kept pushing, so I have come up with a list...

Firstly a GHD. Though, he already agreed to buy me one and that was just because I want one, not as a present, so maybe I should take it off my list? lol.

I would probably just get this one instead of a whole pack, though I do love the pattern on the one in this picture!

I have always used cheap straightners (I got them for $30, in a salon you would be charge $100 for the same one, but since I am a hairdresser, I get better prices). It's either the GHD or one that you can only get if you are a hairdresser with a particular qualification I have. They are a salon only one, which I got for my sister and she likes it.

I'd really like an iphone. I go through stages of do I? Don't I? Yes, I do. Or maybe a HTC Desire HD. Either way a smart phone.

As for pampering, I'd love a day spa gift voucher so I can look like this for a day

Kidding! (About the look, not the day spa.) I have always wanted to spend a full day/weekend at a beauty retreat. Mmmm, no kids, no responsibilities, food cooked for you, in an idyllic location, massages and more...

Actually a salon up the road from us has an awesome deal on at the moment with teeth whitening and other things I really want for 50% - 75% off. SO tempted.

Surfing lessons so I can do cool stuff like this

Yeah, I know. I am not the most co-ordinated person on the planet and when you are learning you are more likely to look like this...

I don't even know how he did that! Most wipe outs I see are not flying, they are face planting it into the surf.

There are other things I'd like, but these are my big ones.
I have pretty much all the presents I am giving ready to go, which I am really ahppy about.

What are you asking for this Christmas?
What are you giving this Christmas?

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