Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gluten Free Expo

On Saturday I went to the Gluten Free Expo at the old Fox Studios and it was awesome.

There was so much stuff we got to taste test and so many specials. My sister and I split some Of the specials like chocolate and cake mixes where we didn’t want a lot but you got a bigger discount when you bought more.

I LOVED that I was able to get my museli for $4 a box, that is almost ½ price, so I got a few boxes.

I borrowed my mother in laws trolley bag, you know those bags on wheels more mature people take shopping with them? We managed to fit a fair amount in it, making it a whole lot easier to get around and carry everything.

There was an awesome cook book I bought called Cut out the crap which is full of gluten free, preservative free, dairy free recipes. I haven’t tried any yet but they are easy to follow recipes and it is a full colour cook book with a photo for every recipe.

I will be taking more money with me the next time I go to one. Gluten free ‘normal’ foods tend to be 2 – 3 times the price of normal foods. At the expo a lot of things were 50%off. If I stocked up I would save a lot.

I don’t think there is another one in Sydney for a while now, but I will be on the lookout for when it is!

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