Sunday, November 7, 2010

Palm oil in my juice!

This week I bought some juice for my daughter because she was sick. She has a temperature and it was hard to get fluids in. I don’t normally buy juice.

So I bought Berri Multi-V juice because it was on special and I knew she would drink it. She’d had a couple of boxes when I happened to notice one of the ingredients out of the corner of my eye. PALM OIL.

Seriously, in juice boxes. It’s meant to be juice. Why add oil? Apparently for vitamin A.

I hate how palm oil seems to be in pretty much everything we buy. Why do I not like palm oil? Well, there are numerous reasons.

1.) It has contributed majorly to the deforestation in Indonesia and its surrounds. (Yes it provides jobs for them, but at what expense to everything else?) The deforestation is causing mass amounts of greenhouse gases to be emitted because not only are they chopping down trees faster than anyone can plant new ones they are burning where they cut down. One of these fires only a few years ago killed 8,000 orangutans. Which brings me to my next reasons
2.) It is causing organgutans to become extinct. It is highly likely that in the next few decades this amazing monkey will be completely gone. I am horrified at the amount of animals our “advanced” civilisation has managed to wipe out.
3.) It is one of the most unhealthy oils you can consume. It contains 50% saturate fat. Our own Heart Foundation does NOT recommend consuming it! Most health authorities agree it causes heart problems, yet it is in so many of the products we consume!
I try and make it a point of avoiding products which I know contain palm oil, so when Cadbury added it to their recipe I emailed them and informed them of what I thought, as did many others and they removed it! Nice to have a company listen to its consumers.

So why is palm oil used so much? It is the cheapest oil and since we are all about the bottom line, naturally things like health don’t matter.

Amazingly though, if palm oil was no longer used our air would be cleaner and easier to breather, heart problems, obesity, diabetes and numerous other health issues would reduced, thus reducing the load on health systems around the world and saving lots of tax dollars.

But big business will continue to do what is cheapest because it is in their best interests.

This palm oil in my daughters juice has me seething though. Oil and juice are not 2 things you would normally mix together. No oil has any business being in juice.

What am I going to do about it? Well, I am going to contact all the companies I know that are using palm oil and tell them my thoughts. I will also be posting all of it on here for everyone to see.

I will add apparently there is sustainable palm oil which some companies use, but realistically it is very hard to prove that the oil used in specific products is sustainable. Besides, its still unhealthy!

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  1. I can't believe that stuff made its way into juice! Just makes you realise that checking the labels is an absolute must every single time. x

  2. Hmmm...interesting! So, if they need to add palm oil for Vitamin A, they are basically admitting that the actual juice is devoid of vitamin A (and probably every other vitamin, too).

    I haven't done a lot of reading on palm oil (yet!), but I have heard that manufacturers like it because it makes things stay "fresh" for a long time...

    I'll be most interested to hear the replies you get from the companies.