Monday, November 15, 2010

Response from Berri Juice about palm oil

Surprisingly I got a prompt response from Berri, though I will wait and see if they do change like they say.

Here's the letter

"Thank you for your recent email regarding Berri products and the use of Palm Oil.

Palm oil is used in some of our juice products as it is considered to be a good source of Vitamin E. We wish to confirm that its use is limited to only a few products across our entire juice range.

However, your concerns regarding the manufacture of palm oil and its effects on the environment have been reported through to our Marketing and Technology and Innovation departments for their review and consideration.

In addition, I wish to advise that we are currently in the process of implementing a Green Purchasing policy within the Company, to ensure that in the future we understand the indirect impacts of our product manufacture. We recognise that the environmental impacts of the raw ingredients we use are significant to our business and consumers.

Essentially, this policy will require us to request information on environmental impacts of products and services prior to purchase. We will also require suppliers of ingredients to provide evidence of their own commitment to the environment.

With the implementation of this policy, our supplier of the palm oil ingredient used in our juice products, along with all other suppliers of ingredients to manufacture our products, will be reviewed to determine if they fulfil our requirements.

Once again, thank you for your feedback and our sincere apologies that we did not meet your expectations in this instance.


Glenn Hare

Consumer Enquiries Representative "

What do you think?


  1. I'm impressed. Very quick response, that showed they are at least considering how their actions affect the wider environment.

    But as always...the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Whether they actually take action will be the test...

    I've looked at some of the other Berri products and couldn't see palm oil in those (like the larger 1L juice boxes.) which makes it seem strange that they'd have it in the kids size. If other products can do without it, then surely the kids ones can too?!?!

  2. Thats what gets me, only sum of their products have it and why would you add something that is so bad for your health to a juice promoting extra vitamins? It actually makes the juice worse for you.

    I'll be watching with interest to see if they do take action.