Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kitchen renos

 This is what my kitchen currently looks like. Beautiful isn't it? The above picture is the view from the door near the front door and the view below is from the other end.
That hideous lino has been ripped up since I took this pic, but I wanted to give you an idea of what I am working with.

We ripped out all the cupboards, sink, everything and got rid of it all. The oven is the only thing we are keeping.

Now we need to prep all the walls, fix the hole in the ceiling, sand and repaint, then we can get started in what the kitchen will actually look like.

We are thinking white cabinets, light stone coloured benchtop probably granite with the floorboards polished up nicely.

For now my kitchen consists of an oven and a bucket for a sink. I use the dining room table in the rumpus room to prepare everything. My fridge and freezer are out there as well. Then I cook it all in the kitchen. It is a bit of back and forth, but its what we have to do right now.

We had to rip out the kitchen. It was completely disgsting and unsable. Every hinge was a cockroach nest. Disgusitng.

It'll take a while, but we'll get a new kitchen.

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