Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My new from old desk

We have had this old crate in the garage since we bought the house.
It's got 3 sections and I remember when my nan came up and saw it she was most excited. She said old apple crates like that sell really well where she is from. Someone would buy it in an instant.

My husband wanted to throw it out 5yrs ago when we got the house. Me I wanted to keep it. I had no use in mind and it was filthy, but I liked it. So this week I had an idea and I pulled it out.

When I cleaned it up I saw this

I looked it up. This company switched from wood to plastic like 65 years ago! So this crate is pretty old. I still really like it.

This week I decided it would be one side of my desk.

The other side would be this other crate that has sat in my garage for 3.5yrs. Yeah, I am a hoarder.

Anyway, this crate had nails sticking out of it and wooden bits I need to cut off.

The lid had heaps of nails sticking out of it like this

So I pulled them all out, sanded the pine crate and cleaned both of them.

I then put them in my room with a piece of chipboard I had laying around.
I still need to add the hinges to my 'cupboard' door, which are also in my garage from a project that got changed. I want to paint the chipboard and possibly put in another shelf in the cupboard but here it is.

It took me a couple of hours to do it all, but I like it.

There was only 1 thing that didn't go quite as planned. I knew that the old crate was 4cm higher than the new crate, but I was going to use the wood off cuts to balance them out. It didn't quite work. So instead I banged in the nails I pulled out to have 4cm sticking out the top to balance both sides.

It also gives a nice little home for paper work or my laptop.

Not bad for a free desk. It'll look better once I have finished it properly. I have already put books in the old crate. I didn't want to change that crate in any way because I think I might use it for something else in the future.

Considering I was going to pay $200 for a desk, I am really happpy.


  1. I love it!! So many uses from stuff that is considered junk. Its so you as well. Nice job!

  2. Antiquey! storage friendly...
    warehouse lookey...
    Ingenuity plus!

    LOVE IT!