Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nativity scene and other Christmas things

I have looked for a nativity scene I liked for a few years. I really loved the Willow Tree ones but did not love the price tag. I found one once I liked but didn’t have the money. When I did and decided I did want one, they were sold out. Then finally this Christmas I found one.

It is a very simple child like one, not a real looking one, but I really liked it. I got it today for half price and am extremely happy with it. I know it is not what everyone would like or have but I love it.

I still think about the one that got sold out though. It was a little scene with just Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus and it was sitting in a letter of a word such as joy, hope, peace. I liked the hope one and they were sitting in the ‘o’. If I ever see one like it again I will just buy it!

I must say I was quite disappointed in the “sales”. There were a few things on my list I wanted to get but many items were priced higher than they were presales, so I just refused to buy them. I will continue looking, but am not holding my breath.

One thing I wanted to do was change my decorations to blue and silver. I have been collecting blue and silver decorations for the last 2 years. My husband did not want blue and silver when we got married so we got the red and gold he wanted. We were given a gift voucher for The Warehouse (Clints/Chickenfeed/Go-Lo, you know one of the cheap shops) at Christmas one year so we could go buy a tree and decorations. (Just to clarify we asked for that shop, as we knew the voucher would be small and at least this way we’d get something!)

Anyway, so back then we got a small sparse tree for $7 (he did not want to spend more and get a better tree) and $15 worth of red and gold baubles and tinsel. I have hated our tree every year. To me it is ugly and cheap. I know its shouldn’t be that big a deal and figured when we had kids they would trash a lot of it. Well, they kind of did this year. Much to my joy.

I was hoping to get my tree for a good price but no such luck yet. I have my eye on one (ok, 2 but he won’t go for the big one I REALLY want, so I we are compromising) it is 7ft (I wanted the 9ft) plush tear drop style. I have 1 string of 180 lights but will need more. Where are they all this year, all I could find were ugly solar ones mostly!

If it gets reduced by another $50 I will get it, but I am looking online in the meantime. I am also looking in the sales for more blue and silver decorations but haven’t really found many I like. I did find one bell and my daughter found a key she liked, but that is all really.

Oh well. I have a whole year to look online and stuff. I will most likely order some things from the USA or something OR if my sister in law does get married over there next year buy up when I am there!

I am also planning a trip to a specific Christmas shop later in the year with my mother in law, so I can be patient if what I want is not around right now.

I am really happy with my nativity scene though.

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