Monday, January 31, 2011

101 Things in 1001 days

I started with great intentions on my last 101 Things in 1001 days but lost interest in some of the things I wrote. Some also became really hard to do due to changes in my circumstances, so I decided to do a complete new list. This time I will get more than 30 done!

My start date is 31/01/2011

My finish date is 28/10/2013

58/101 completed

Health and Beauty

1.) Be happy with my size. Focus on toning and being FIT not skinny! I am pretty happy with how I look now and more confident about it too.

2.) Have 30 minutes of me time each week to do may nails, a facial, whatever, just pamper myself. FAIL but it has been happening the last 3 months

3.) Get a treadmill so I can walk each day or at least 4 times a week (a little hard sometimes with kids and bad weather, hence the treadmill.) - Got a cross trainer instead.

4.) Read “Sweet Poison” by David Gillespie (Bought on sale and started to read 2//2/11)

5.) Remove sugar from our diet (go sugar free for 1 month to start the habit)

6.) Get my teeth fixed – whitened and my wisdoms out

7.) Buy a classic wardrobe. I know what it is I want, what suits and flatters me, just need to be happy with my size then buy it all, one classic, quality piece at a time.

8.) Have no take away for a month

9.) Drink 2L of water every day for 1 month

10.) Do the couch to 5km run

Self Improvement/Spiritual

11.) Read the Bible (I started 12 months ago, but have not been as diligent as I should be, up to Chronicles)

12.) Keep a gratitude diary and write something at least once a week FAIL - doing a 365 day one instead

13.) Raise and donate $10,000 to charity - Starting Feb 1st

14.) Prepare my Sunday church stuff during the week, not on Sunday every week for 1 month (to form the habit)

15.)Write 5 talks for church, so I have them on hand if ever asked to do one - no longer a member

16.)Read Your Money or Your Life again

17.)Get counselling for some issues I have (started this will be on going for more than this challenge though)

18.)Stop reading magazines. They only make me want stuff/feel unhappy about myself/house/body. Start by not reading any for 1 month. 31/31

19.) Don’t complain about things for 1 month.

20.) Spend nothing for 1 month to help me realise how little I need to spend. (This does not include food and bills)

21.) Don’t say anything bad about anyone for one month

22.) Be on time everywhere I go for 1 month


23.) Have a weekly family activity 100/143

24.) Have an annual family holiday (thinking snow trip)

25.) Create 5 family Christmas traditions

26.) Get a family pet

27.) Family Christmas in July

28.) Create a book for my daughters with recipes, hints and tips

29.) Get a family photo done

30.) Hang pictures of us, our wedding, family and baby pictures in our home

31.) Teach both my daughters to read (In the process of teaching them)

32.) Print and send photos to Nan

33.) Have 143 dates with my husband 50/143 (now N/A)

34.) Finish the renovations we have decided on (kitchen, floors, wardrobes, flyscreen, curtains, letter box, driveway) - This house is no longer mine!

35.) Sell our Sydney house - I sold it, sort of, my ex bought me out

36.) Buy a house in Canberra or on the beach or in the mountains

37.) Renovate the new house if necessary to be our dream house

38.) Develop a veg garden - In the process

39.) Grow fruit trees 1 growing now

40.) Get chickens

41.) Get Bees.

42.) Implement 3 environmentally friendly changes to my home 3/3 water saving shower head, natural cleaning products - no more bleach, no artificial scents (e.g. plug in air freshner)

43.) Decorate at least 1 room exactly how I want - Got it done, now changed my mind...


44.) Climb Mount Kosciusko

45.) Have a MASSIVE Halloween party

46.) Hold a How to host a murder dinner party

47.) Go on a road trip with no specific destination

48.) Hot air balloon ride After seeing some recent accidents I lost all desire to do this!

49.)Do 143 random acts of kindness 143/143

50.)Have a glamour session done

51.)Post something on Youtube

52.)Write 3 guest posts for other finance blogs

53.)Have a sleepover or night away with some or all of my sisters

54.)Meet at least 10 bloggers at the March Aus Blogging Conference

55.) A – Z travel challenge. This is where you visit different cities/towns that start with each letter of the alphabet


56.) Publish 5 books 2/5

57.) Redo our will

58.) Create a new website for my new project

59.) Find a way to save $1 every day This equates to finding 1,001 ways to save

60.) Sell 1000 things, not including my book. 1000/1000

61.) Complete my Advanced Diploma of Financial Services FAIL

62.) Pay off the interest free card

63.) Get rid of my credit card

64.)Save enough to be able to replace items we currently have when we move instead of moving them and buy the quality ones we really want, not just what is cheap.

65.) Have 2 garage sales

66.) Track all my spending for 1 month properly

67.) Use the gift cards in my wallet


68.) Get rid of everything I do not love/do not want to take to our new house

69.) Put all my pantry items in containers which are labeled

70.) Wash the dishes every day for a month

71.) Go to bed by 10 pm every night for 1 month

72.) Use Flylady to get control of my house

73.) Get 72 hours kits

74.) Get 3 months food storage

75.) Get a smart phone

76.) Get business cards

77.) Streamline my husband’s wardrobe. He has more of everything than me, most of which is never worn.

Cooking and Craft

78.) Try 52 new recipes 52/52

79.) Project 365 – take 1 photo every day for a year

80.) Make a gingerbread house

81.) Reduce our food waste by photographing what we throw out

82.) Refashion 5 items of clothing

83.) Actually make 5 projects I ‘planned’, bought the stuff but never even started

84.) Sew a skirt

85.) Carve a pumpkin

86.) Do a cupcake tower

Things to Learn

87.) Basic service on our car

88.) Take at least 10 dance classes in some form of dance (18 done now and I love it)

89.) Learn the basics of French again

90.) Learn sign language, at least enough to be able to have a small conversation as well as the alphabet (alphabet done!)

91.) Learn 3 songs on the guitar (Almost got 1 song down pat)

92.) Learn 5 new gluten free meals

93.) Change a tyre all by myself. I know how to do it but have never had to do it myself.

94.) Learn to surf with one of those 1 day surf classes in Manly/Bondi wherever - got the voucher, now to book it in...

95.) Learn to conduct music properly again with confidence

Things to Buy

96.) A nice outdoor setting, not a plastic one

97.) Get a bike and trailer for the kids (got pram with skateboard instead)

98.) Get my own basic tool kit

99.) A Toyota – I like the Klugers, but apparently they have a funky smell, so we’ll see but definitely a TOYOTA

100.) My dream bed with the most perfect mattress ever (I know what it is)

101.)A camcorder

I will also have a few extras to substitute those ones I lose interest in or don’t complete.

1.) Create 5 squidoo lenses

2.) Go whitewater rafting

3.) Ride a horse

4.) Cook 52 different recipes from 52 different countries 5/52

5.) Get a massage

6.) Grow something from a seed

7.) Bake a rainbow cake

8.) List 10 good qualities about each of the people I do not get a long so well with but need to. This will help me when I get irritated by them.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

T-shirt makeover

I got this tee for 50cents from an bargain bin.
On problem was the sleeves looked like this

So snipped them off and it fits my daughter perfectly!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wardrobe refashioning

I have been flat out lately, but I hae a few projects to show you soon of some wardrobe refashioning in particular a bag from a pair of paints, a top make over for my daughter and a few other things.

I have also booked my kitchen. We have weird measurements so we decided to use a professional for the cabinets and bench top. The price difference between DIY and custom made was not much. It is light and will look great.

I will be back with pictures soon!

Monday, January 17, 2011

No internet

So I have no internet for the next 10 days unless I am able to get to my mother in laws, so I will be having a little break.

Hopefully during this time I will get the kitchen done and a few other things so I will have some exciting things to show you!

Take care in the meantime. :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What I've been up to and possibly moving to Canberra

How was everyone’s New Year? So far mine has been pretty full on (hence the lack of posting, sorry!) I’ve been to Canberra, had my parents stay overnight, rearranged 2 bedrooms, sorted most of the garden, almost finished a HUGE project I have been working on which will be done in June plus been studying and I have an exam due on Friday!

So as it is I still have no kitchen, but that’s ok, it will be done soon. I have been searching for a entertainment unit for my lounge, got curtains, sort of set up the bedroom, got my husband to change more lights and I’ve ripped out huge sections of the garden.

This is what one part of my garden looked like

I ripped most of that out yesterday, but came across a big spider nest happening, so sprayed it ALOT, saw 1 black spider run and decided I would do the rest later. That and I was starting to feel like I would get sunburnt if I stayed out any longer.

My original plan for here was a little private courtyard, then I changed my mind to a chicken coop because we thought we’d stay for 1 -2 years, but now we might not be staying, so I will just rip it out and then decide what to do.

Why aren’t we staying? Well, even though we have been here 3 months my daughter does not call it home and she is constantly asking to move back to Canberra. We get in the car to go to the shops, “Yay, we go to Canberra!” Sorry, no we are going to the shops. She looks me dead in the eye and with a very stern voice “Just Canberra!”

She is not the only reason of course. We like how clean Canberra is, how it is like 2 hours to the snow, 2 hours to the beach, 3 hours to Sydney, so is a good location. Most of my family are there, we have good friends there and know which schools we’d choose. Also for the price of a home where we want to live here in Sydney, we could buy a house in Canberra and a beach house down the coast.

So weighing it all up Canberra looks like the place to be, again. We’ll be getting our house done, then will buy down there and it will be a permanent move. We will settle and it will be finalised hopefully by the end of the year.
I went to Canberra last weekend and I miss it so much. I hardly had time to see everyone, so want to go back again asap. Lucky for me my sister is due in a few days, so I will be going down in a few weeks.