Saturday, January 8, 2011

What I've been up to and possibly moving to Canberra

How was everyone’s New Year? So far mine has been pretty full on (hence the lack of posting, sorry!) I’ve been to Canberra, had my parents stay overnight, rearranged 2 bedrooms, sorted most of the garden, almost finished a HUGE project I have been working on which will be done in June plus been studying and I have an exam due on Friday!

So as it is I still have no kitchen, but that’s ok, it will be done soon. I have been searching for a entertainment unit for my lounge, got curtains, sort of set up the bedroom, got my husband to change more lights and I’ve ripped out huge sections of the garden.

This is what one part of my garden looked like

I ripped most of that out yesterday, but came across a big spider nest happening, so sprayed it ALOT, saw 1 black spider run and decided I would do the rest later. That and I was starting to feel like I would get sunburnt if I stayed out any longer.

My original plan for here was a little private courtyard, then I changed my mind to a chicken coop because we thought we’d stay for 1 -2 years, but now we might not be staying, so I will just rip it out and then decide what to do.

Why aren’t we staying? Well, even though we have been here 3 months my daughter does not call it home and she is constantly asking to move back to Canberra. We get in the car to go to the shops, “Yay, we go to Canberra!” Sorry, no we are going to the shops. She looks me dead in the eye and with a very stern voice “Just Canberra!”

She is not the only reason of course. We like how clean Canberra is, how it is like 2 hours to the snow, 2 hours to the beach, 3 hours to Sydney, so is a good location. Most of my family are there, we have good friends there and know which schools we’d choose. Also for the price of a home where we want to live here in Sydney, we could buy a house in Canberra and a beach house down the coast.

So weighing it all up Canberra looks like the place to be, again. We’ll be getting our house done, then will buy down there and it will be a permanent move. We will settle and it will be finalised hopefully by the end of the year.
I went to Canberra last weekend and I miss it so much. I hardly had time to see everyone, so want to go back again asap. Lucky for me my sister is due in a few days, so I will be going down in a few weeks.


  1. in the words of your daughter... "YAY! CRAMBERRA!"
    pretty excited if you get to move back!

  2. Woohoo! We win!! And I may be due but its still up to her when she comes LOL At least my tummy now hurts a little when it gets tight, sad to say thats a good thing hehe.

    You ahve done so much work and its paying off. Cant wait to see what you do with it!