Monday, February 28, 2011

Lost another kilo!!

So this morning I weighed myself and was ecstatic to see 76.5kg. I do not even know the last time I saw that. It could quite possibly be before I had kids! woohoo.

I do wonder though if I only got to this weight because I have been unwell the past week and was unable to eat much at all. Doesn't matter to me! The motivation of seeing that and being sooooo incredibly close to 75kg is amazing!!

I have been hovering between 78kg - 80kg and the last 2 weeks managed to keep it between 77.5kg and 78kg, which was an achievement in itself.

I am hopeful that I will lose more this month because I am doing a no junk month with my sister. We have different rules that we are sticking to, but it is more about supporting each other than anything. Since I have been planning a no sugar and a no take away month and she had been planning a no chocolate month, we figured we'd do it the same month.

I am assuming that by cutting sugar out of my diet and take away (although we don't eat a lot of that) I will drop a bit of weight. I have been reading "Sweet Poison" and plan on finishing it this month. It has been interesting to read about the affect sugar has on us.

So today is the last day for me to consumme any 'crap' for 31 days. But since being sick last week, I really don't want anything.

I do not expect this month to be easy at all. I am going to Canberra in the middle of the month and am going to an engagement party at the end of the month so will need to watch myself there, but I am sure I can do this.

And when I have completed it I do not plan on going back to sugar.

I think the trickiest parts will be the original detox and checking for sugar in everything because it or a form of it is in virtually everything unless you go completely fresh.

So I am in for an interesting month!

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  1. Congrats on your loss! (that just sounds so wrong to say, huh? LOL) Thanks for following. Returning the favor :)