Saturday, February 5, 2011

New bag from old pants


See this bag? I made it recently out of these pants...

 Yep, old cargoes. And you know what? I love all the pockets in my bag. It makes it so much more organised.

It was really easy to do as well. First I cut the legs off
 Then  took part of each leg with the extra pockets and sewed them together. The I slipped that mini bag inside the top part of the pants to sew together.
 This gave me pockets inside and outside. Sorry, I don't have step by step pics for everything.

Next I unstitched a leg, folded on half together and sewed it to make my strap, then I attached that to the bag.

This is the inside

This is the back

Another middle shot

And finally the end result from the front.

I have done this before wit jeans but it was much easier this time because the fabric was thinner and the extra pockets gave more storage.

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