Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rainbow cake

I made this cake for my mother in laws birthday tonight. I had been wanting to try doing one for a while but had no reasons to.

It was pretty exciting doing it all. It was a little hard because I had to cook each layer in the microwave since my oven is not connected at the moment.

I used a white chocolate mud cake recipe to try and stop it tasting like a microwave cake. It is not gluten free because gluten free vanilla cakes taste gross. It has Betty Crocker icing between the layers to keep it together, cream all over the outside and is covered with smarties and sprinkles.

My 3 year old helped me and she had a great time. I'll post the recipe another time. I found it online, but made a few changes so it would work better in the  microwave.

I took the pic with my phone, sorry its not great.


  1. Ooo that's awesome! I might steal your idea for my baby girls first birthday party which will be butterfly themed. That matches right? lol :)

    Good job! It looks great! And major props to making it with the microwave!