Monday, November 28, 2011

Weight loss and other updates

I lost 2kgs this week! My weigh in is on Thursdays and I am hoping for another kilo. I have been a lot more conscious of what I eat now that I have to write it down. I have still had a few little treats here and there, but I have stayed under my points and am making healthier choices.

My house is coming along. I have replaced some of our curtains, put new ones up where there wasn't any (I will have pictures soon).

I have also completed quite a few craft projects I had been planning such as dream catchers, hair clips, an advent calendar, head bands from old t-shirts and final put pictures in frames to hang on my wall.

I have finally been sticking to sort of cleaning schedule too. It is getting much easier as time goes on since I know my routine. I still hate cleaning, but hey it has to be done!

I have almost finished decluttering and it is feeling so good! Mind you there is still lots of room for improvement if I wanted, but I am content with how we are going for now.

So what have you been up to?

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