Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting out of the rut

I'll be honest. I have been feeling rather low lately. I have a lot going on and plenty to be excited about but for about a month I just felt completely flat.

I know part of the reason, but I could not shake it. I have snapped out of it now, to a point and thought I would share what I have done to help me.

The biggest thing was creating a motivation wall. I decided since I was flat I should look at things I wanted to achieve or do and things I wanted in my life. It started with pinterest then I realised I needed these things printed out and in my home again.

I decided to get organised. I wrote out a post schedule for my biggest blog. Printed a calendar to put up on my wall, started using my daily diary properly and recording dates and things. My next step is a household binder.

I decluttered. This is ongoing but we have been selling and donating everything we don't use. Our garage is clear and it feels great.

We completed projects. I was beginning to feel like everything in our life was a half done project. There are still many things that need to be done but my husband went around and did things I had been asking to be done for over a year. It is so nice to have them completed. Also I completed some craft projects I had been meaning to do (I will be sharing these over the next few days). Some of these projects I had started before I had kids (over 4 years ago!).

I set goals. I am a big goal setter and now I have 3 big things I am working towards which is motivating me.

1 - Our debt cleared. It is down to $5,700. Considering only 2 months ago it was $9,000 I am really happy with our progress.
2 - Tonga. We want to go for 3 months. At first we had no idea how this would be possible, but the more we looked at it, the easier it seems.
3 - USA. I want to go to the USA again. I want to have a white Christmas and one of my friends is getting married over there in 12 months. We know how much we need and I really believe we can do it.

All these things have motivated me so much. I feel so much happier and I am out of the rut I have been in.

What do you do to motivate yourself?


  1. Eat lots of chocolate. No I write list after list after list and then start marking things off. Its always hard to start but I know if I have achievable things on there it spurs me on to do more things and eventually I get it back. If we are feeling rich we take a family getaway and that always helps :)

  2. lol, chocolate does help. A getaway would be good! Thanks.