Monday, January 16, 2012

I am under 80kgs!

I just weighed myself and am so excited to finally see a 7 at the start of my weight instead of an 8. I am 79.5kgs. My husband laughed at me when I jumped up and down all excited. He responded with "It's onlt a 500g difference." Yes, but it means I am in the 70's not 80's anymore, so that 500g means a lot to me!

I started about 7 weeks ago really trying to lose weight again. I got a free weight watchers membership, have been trying to get more exercise and have been a whole lot more conscious of what I ma eating what nutritional value there is in things etc.

I was 84kgs when I started. My weight is coming off slowly, but since I added it over a period of years, it is not like it will melt away overnight.

My clothes are feeling loser which is very exciting. I know at this point no one will really notice the difference, but I am feeling it. When I hit another 5kgs or so I think people might notice more.

I also think the Americans are right in using pounds for weight loss. Saying I lost 10 pounds sounds so much cooler than 4.5kgs. But on the other hand if I had to say my weight in pounds I think I would choke!

How is your weight loss going?

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