Thursday, February 9, 2012

Christmas Advent Calendar - Tutorial

This year I finally got around to making our Christmas Advent Calendar. It has been on my to do list for about 4 years. Growing up we had one with pockets in it. Each pocket had a lolly each and a little something we had to do such as smile at 5 people that day, sing a Christmas carol or help 3 people, that sort of thing. I wanted the same for my family.

I originally planned on doing it all in Christmas colours but when I pulled that fabric out, other fabric I liked more fell out, so I completely changed my plans.

This is the finished look:

To start with I took Some white fabric and folded it in half. I then got green drill fabric and cut out 3 matching triangles. (Sorry I didn't measure anything, just cut and went for it).

I laid the triangles ont he fabric so it looked like a Christmas tree, then pinned and sewed them down to one side of the white fabric. It was not folded in half or anything at this point.
I also cut a length of brown felt and sewed it on for the trunk.

Next I added the pockets which consisted of squares of bright fabric (approx 2inch y 2 inch) and some felt shapes in different colours cut out to be baubles, plue 1 star on top. In total I had 25 pockets.

I placed all the pockets to see how I wanted them to sit on the tree before sewing any down. With the coloured square pockets I used my hot glue gun to stick on the letters to "Merry Christmas" which I had cut out in felt.

Once everything was placed and sewn on I hand stitched the numbers onto the pockets like so:

This was so each day in December we would know which pocket to select. I also added a few embellishments like bells as you can see above.

Then I folded the white fabric in half again, covering the Christmas tree so it was inside out and sewed around, leaving a small hole to turn the whole thing back in the right way. I stitched up that hole, added a ribbon and pole to the top so I could hang it and that was it. 

I love it. It is so bright and cheery. We changed our Christmas tree from red and gold to blue and silver this year so this advent calendar suits it so much better than the traditional fabric I had originally chosen.

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