Wednesday, April 11, 2012

30 before 30

I attempted the 101 things in 1001 days but it didn't quite suit me. Yesterday I turned 27. That means 3 years until I am 30, so I thought I would do the 30 before 30 project. I have here 30 things I want to do before I am 30. Some of these come from my bucket list, a couple from my 101 list which I am still doing, but I really liked the idea of this because it will spur me on to tick things off my bucket list.

I'll post about each one as I complete it and link to that post here. Items crossed out have been done!

1.) Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef 
2.) See Uluru 
3.) Learn to surf -Got a voucher for free and did a 2 hour lesson at Manly. I now feel confident enough to hire a board and practice.
4.) Learn a form of dance fully - I have done 5 classes in one form, 3 classes in another and 2 in another. I need to pick one and complete at least 2 terms, or 20 twenty classes. I did 40 classes until I completely ruined my wrist, but I learnt 3 routines and feel very confident in the dance I chose.
5.) Climb Mt Kosiusko 
6.) Raise $10,000 for a charity - I haven't decided which one, but it might possibly be something to do with mental health since I have Borderline Personality Disorder.
7.) Shoot a gun - Did this in San Francisco in 2013. I am apparently a natural too, with good grouping and when we shot in the traps on my 4th shot I hit it.
8.) Ride a horse 
9.) Take our kids to see a waterfall - Went to Somersby Falls in 2013.
10.) Complete a book for each of my daughters with recipes, hints and things from me - This is something I wish I had from my mum. I have some of her recipes, she taught me to sew etc but if she had made a book like this before she passed away I would have loved it.
11.) Do a 365 Day gratitude project - I actually bought a 365 Day diary from Kikki.k to do this. Starting today I am writing in it one thing I am grateful for each day. Completed in 2013.
12.) Get a family photo done - This has been on my list of things to do forever.
13.) Write the book I really want - (Written it, now to publish!) - I have self published a cook book which is now an eBook - 26 Ingredients, I published 365 Ways To Make Money with John Wiley Australia but neither of these are the books I really want to write. 26 ingredients was a book I wanted to do, 365 Ways To Make Money I was approached to write, but I have 2 other books I really want to publish that are different.
14.) Couch to 5km run  and I ran a 5km, The Color Run in February 2014.
15.) Learn sign language - At different times in my life I have had a fair bit to do with deaf people and yet I still have not learned sign language properly. I am sick of this and really want to know how to carry a conversation properly.
16.) Finish my dream bedspread set.  Done, but now I am no longer really interested in it!
17.) Sell my current home and move to somewhere I WANT to live that ticks all the boxes. I got divorced, sold the home and moved back to Canberra.
18.) Sort out my will - This was done, but needs to be redone. And it needs to be redone again since moving and divorcing etc.
19.) Have a stylist session - I have had one with All Yours Styling and now know a lot more about what suits me etc. I want to spend a day shopping and having make-up/hair redone as well.
20.) Get my wisdom teeth removed - Dentist said not to.
21.) Do 101 random acts of kindness - I started this a little on my 101 things, but it sort of fell by the wayside. I am picking it up again.
22.) Make a ginger bread house 
23.) Fly kites with my kids 
24.) Camping trip 
25.) Finish my 2 ebooks 
26.) Have a white Christmas - Christmas in Australia is in the middle of summer and I long for a white Christmas.
27.) See whales in the wild - This is doable twice a year where I live apparently. Ok, about 1 hour from where I live but I am determined to do it.
28.) Read The Bible - I have been 'trying' to do this for way to long. I need to complete it already!
29.) Read the 30 books I have waiting to be read and apply what I learn 30/30
30.) Complete 1 more thing from my bucket list


  1. Great list. We have a few goals in common.

    Btw, I've given you the Liebster award.