Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cereal box to pretty file

I needed some boxes to file some paperwork into and was going to just go out and buy some when I realised how easy it would be to convert a few cereal boxes into what I wanted.

I am happy with how they turned out. I needed some file boxes like this so I could keep track of certain paper work. I didn't worry about the inside of the box since they wont be seen once there is paper in there.

They started off like this:

Then it was just a matter of cutting them to how I wanted. The 3 cereal boxes had the top flaps cut off and  I cut down the front and back and one side to create one side lower than the front.
With the washing powder box I just cut the top off as I wanted that box to keep it's shape.

Next I just glued craft paper to the boxes in the colours I wanted. Each box is slightly different as they all have different purposes. I am yet to label them, but one was going to be bills to be paid, another business receipts, the washing powder box is for coupons and discounts and the last box is for things that need filing.

It was super easy to repurpose these boxes into something I needed and much cheaper than buying some filing boxes.

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