Monday, May 28, 2012

30 by 30 update

On April 11 I wrote a 30 by 30 list and thought I would have a look at it today to see how I am doing. I am starting off with the small things as a couple of them I will really need to save for, but so far I am on track to completing a couple of them soon which is exciting.

#3 Learn to surf has been on my 'to do' list for ages. Not long after I wrote my list a deal came up on Groupon where I could do a day learn to surf class at Manly which was exactly what I wanted. My sister wanted to do it too so I grabbed 2 tickets and because I had a discount voucher for Groupon as well it only cost $8. She has now moved to QLD so I need to convince someone else they want to learn to surf for a day.

I am excited because there is now a deadline for me to do this as the coupon will expire and I am cheap, so don't want to spend if I don't have to.

#5 Raise $10,000 for a charity - I think I have decided which one. I love Kiva as their micro loans really help communities and if I raised $10,000 to be donated there it could be used over and over and over again. I think it would help the most amount of people possible.

#11 Do a 365 Day gratitude project - so far so good. I will finish it on my birthday, but it is helping me be more appreciative of people/events/things in my life.

#14 Couch to 5km run - I haven't actually started officially but I am now walking 4 - 8kms a day at least 3 times a week and I have been trying to run some of it, and gradually building on it. So while it is not the same as doing it officially I am raising my fitness levels and will be incorporating the couch to 5km run into my 'daily' walk in the next few weeks.

#16 Finish my dream bedspread - I have 1 pillow case to go and it's done!

#21 Do 101 random acts of kindness - this has been incredibly easy. Simple things like letting the mum with her 2yr old waiting in line go in front of me as I know what that's like, waiting with a kid who doesn't want to be there. Letting others in when driving, asking a parent if their child would like a turn on the $2 rides because I am putting it on for my kids anyway, may as well fill it up. Things like that are just second nature to me and it is only yesterday I realised just how often I do stuff like that. I am considering changing this one a little and instead of random acts, plan some slightly bigger acts like dropping off a hamper to someone, doing someone's gardening it etc. What are your thoughts/suggestions?

#25 Finish my 2 eBooks - one is done, just waiting on the cover art/promo buttons and then it will be launched with a bloggy tour etc. The other will be launched July 1st, 2012.

#29 Read 30 books I have, waiting to be read - I have read 3 so far and it has been great to finally get them read and learn so much. The one I am reading at the moment is a business type book and it is so fascinating and there is so much to learn I can only read small bits at a time in order to absorb it properly.

Do you have a 30 by 30, or something similar? I am surprised by how much I have done in a short time. My 30 by 30 was designed to be a more practical and achievable list in a short time frame than a bucket list (which I also have here)

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