Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY Paper Bag from scrapbook paper

Last week I needed to make some paper bags for a hand out for a lesson I was teaching. I found a variety of tutorials and now can't find the one I based my bags on, but here is the tutorial for what I did. It is so easy. I used scrapbook paper as I only needed small ones. Each sheet made 2 bags for me, but you could use any paper, even wrapping paper.

I did add curly ribbon handles, but forgot to take a picture because my little helpers were getting into everything and I had to put them away quickly.

All you need to make them are:
Sticky tape
Ribbon or paper for handles if you like

Fold the paper in half

Fold the edges in like so

Place the folded edges inside one another like this

And tape the edges down to seal them.

Next fold up a section at the bottom of the paper. I only did 1 inch because I was only putting paper and a friendship bracelet in it, but it depends on how wide you want the base of the bag to be. The larger the folded section is, the larger your base will be.

With the section still slightly folded, squish one side flat to make it a triangle like in the picture below

Then repeat with the other side so it looks like this...

Next, fold one side in half like this

Then repeat with the other side. This is to create the bottom of your bag.

Place a strip of tape along the seam to secure it in place.

And that is it!

If you want handles, use a hole punch at the top of the bag to create even holes and slide some ribbon through. 

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