Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY bedhead and bedside tables from an old crate - tutorial

I recently posted about turning some old crates into a bedhead and bedside tables. Here's how I did it.

I started with this crate, which had previously been used in a desk and I had the lid from another crate which was a toy box. I ended up needing the side of the toy box crate too, but it's not pictured.

First I bashed out the side of the extra crate using a mallet on the inside and hitting the side of the crate to losen the nails.

Then I used a hammer to remove the nais which were poking through these holes

Next I sanded everything I was going to be using. Make sure you wear protection when sanding such as a mask and goggles. I really should have had gloves on as well.

After sanding, I measured the crate and drew a line down the middle of it so I could cut it in half. I don't have an electric saw, so I had to do this bit by hand.

One it was cut in half they looked like this and I needed to sand the edges where I had just sawn them.

Following all the sawing and sanding I needed to stain them. I used some laquer we had sitting in our garage in the colour "Jarrah". The label had actually come off and I had to test it on some other wood first. I had two tins, one was Jarrah and one was Mahogany, but neither had labels.

Once I had stained them I left them to dry. I actually did the bedhead first, then the bedsides were done on another day

After I did one coat, I left it to dry for 24hrs and applied another coat. You can see in this picture the flat pieces look darker than the bedsides because they have had their second coat.

Once they were dry I brought them inside to put in my room. The crates had pieces of wood on the back which enabled me to hang the bed head easily without having to make legs and things for it. So I only needed to place some nails in the wall and hang the 3 bedhead pieces. They have been hung low for now, until I finish the rest of the bedspread (European pillows and pillow cases, plus one pillow case). It looked weird when I put it higher without much on the bed.

Here's a close up of one bedside table

The room is not finished. As I said, I need to finish sewing the pillow cases. Yes, I made the bedspread and it was a fraction of the cost of what the whole set would have cost in store (Over $400 for the set in store).

I have something to put on each bedside table and will be putting something on the wall above the bedhead as well as baskets under the bedside tables. I plan on putting fabric on the blue bed base and a few other things to finish the room. I am injured at the moment, so all these plans have to wait for now.

What are your thoughts? What would you do to finish the room?