Thursday, July 12, 2012

Free and cheap make-up

I recently posted a make-up tutorial for my day to day look. This week I walked into my bedroom to discover this...

All my make-up destroyed! 

My kids had taken it upon themselves to give their toy horse a make over and themselves as well. A lot of this was close to finished, but some i.e. the powder spilt everywhere, had a lot left. The items I planned on replacing were going to be replaced in September, when I go to the USA. Unfortunately for me, I need to replace them now.

So I thought I would share with you some ways to source free and cheap make-up since that is what I am now doing.

1.)  Check the websites of the products you love to see if they are offering any samples at the moment. It's not instant make-up, but if you can wait a few days it is free.
2.) In store samples - Some companies have mini tubes or sachets you can get in store to try products before you buy. Some will put a bit of product in a container for you to try or some stores are happy for you to bring in a sample size pot to put a bit of a tester into, so I've been told.
3.) Sample and freebie sites - check them all out and sign up for the samples
4.) Magazines - virtually every week there is at least one magazine with make-up or products attached as a free gift with purchase. Buying the magazine is often cheaper than buying the products.
5.) Contact the brands - email the brands you love or want to try and ask for samples. The worst they can do is say no.

If you can't get make-up for free, look out for sales, shop around and check online. Don't just check the brands websites, check eBay and buy/sell groups on Facebook to get what you need.

How do you source make-up for free or cheap?

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