Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Make-up tutorial - Day to Day

I love make-up. I don't wear a lot of it most days because I don't have the time and because I don't feel the need. I do pretty much the same routine whenever I do my make up. This is the usual end result

See, pretty basic and natural.

I start off looking like this...

I apply a primer all over my face, then I apply concealer to he bits that need it such as under my eyes

Next I apply foundation. I am pretty slap happy with how I do it, but basically I apply the foundation to a make up sponge then dab it on may face. I dab all over, never rubbing it in, instead sponging it all over my face. I do it so there are no lines of foundation anywhere. The dabbing makes it last longer I find instead of rubbing and I tend to use less foundation in the long term.

Next I use a mineral powder all over my face. It's a loose powder I dip my brush into, then tap my brush to get most of the powder off, back into the container. If I don't tap my brush the powder tends to clump on my face and not blend in.

After that, I do my eyes. I am actually pretty blind in my left eye, which makes it hard to get my eyes right.

I start by using an different primer specifically for my eyes then placing a sweep of darker coloured eyeshadow on my lid, usually a brown, just up to the crease.

Next I sweep a tiny amount of light blue over the brown. I did this one day and everyone loved it, so it became part of my usual routine.

After the blue I place a natural/skin tone colour from the top of the crease of my lid up to the brow. I blend it into the blue colour. So my eyes are never really 'out there' when it comes to eye shadow, especially not for day wear. I am pretty basic.

After the eye shadow I apply liner. I alternate between a pencil, liquid and mineral depending on what I grab and how much time I have. As you will see in the photo below, my eye liner is not perfect because I cannot see what I am doing with bad eye sight. It is always a guess and usually turns out ok.

I just glide the pencil along my lid, right near the eye lashes. I just do a thin line for during the day.

Once the eyeliner is done I apply lash primer to my eye lashes then the mascara. I always wear black.

After the eyes are done I do the lips. For me it is simply a matter of applying lipstick, then some gloss. With the lipstick I start in the middle of my lips then glide to the left, go back to the middle and glide to the right. I do that on both the top and bottom lips and that is how I apply lip gloss too.

If I feel a little pale (doesn't always happen because I have a fairly red face), I apply a sweep of bronzer on my cheek bones for blush. I always do it in a barely there fashion, so essentially my brush has only a hint of colour and I apply it on the top of my cheek bone brushing down towards my lips, but only for about 1 - 2 inches.

This is actually the make-up I did for my brothers recent wedding, where I wore the dress I made myself.

See? I'll show how to do the hair in another tutorial later. It's pretty easy.

Doing your make-up doesn't need to be hard or a long process. I am all for simplifying things like this, especially when you have kids. 

As for the products I use, most of them are Mirenesse that I got for free ages ago and a lot of it will bee updated soon.

Here they are:
Face primer is Mirenesse absolutely firm treatment primer, but I use to use Napoleon Auto Pilot before I got this for free. Once it has run out I will go back to Napoleon 
Concealer is Mirenesse Icon Sealer 24hr concealer
Foundation is L'oreal VisibleLift in Ivory
Mineral powder and bronzer are both Bella Terra, but the labels have worn so I don't know their colours.
Eye primer is Mireness Sexy Secret Eye Primer which I got for free and I never used an eye primer before but it really does help to make my eye make-up last longer and stay in place.
Eye Shadows vary but mostly are Bella Terra or Mirenesse. With Bella Terra I use #6 - Serenity, # 32 Dreamscape and #3 Sand. With Mirenesse I use the idol eye lift palettes.
Eyeliner is Mirenesse Ebony and Nude/Rose - the Auto Eye/Lip Liner Duet
Mascara primer is Mirenesse 4D Secret Lash Evolution Primer Maximum Lash Extension
Mascara I have loved Maxfactor Great Lash for years.
Lipstick is Mirenesse most of the label has gone but I can read it says 24 Guntar and is in a silver tube with a diamond on top.
Lip Gloss is not pictured, but my favourite is Glam Shine from L'oreal.

Just because this is what I use, doesn't mean you need to buy them to do your make-up. With make-up you need to find what works best for you. I highly recommend using a primer, a sponge and some good  brushes at the very least.

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