Sunday, December 16, 2012

Recurring dreams

My life has been crazy. I am in the process of a divorce which has turned nasty resulting in a lot of court. I had to move house, I got robbed right after and more.

Last night I had a dream which kept repeating itself over and over. I'd try to sleep and then I'd dream this:

I was laying in my bed and I was exhausted. I was asleep, but trying to wake up. Then I wanted to scream at my ex, he was in the room and he was holding me captive, but not physically. Emotionally I could not move, my body would not move and it was because of him. I tried desperately to scream but nothing came out. I didn't feel scared, more frustrated I couldn't escape and I needed to go to the toilet.

Finally I was able to move and make my way towards my bathroom. I'd get to my bedroom door, or just outside in the hallway, shut my eyes for one minute and wake up on my bed and repeat the whole thing again. I could never get away. Every time I started, I stopped for some reason to close my eyes and I would be back where I began.

Throughout the whole dream my eyes struggled to stay open or even get open. Everything was a struggle and I felt stuck.

I went through this about 5 times last night and it drained me.

I've had recurring dreams before and messages through my dreams. I am a little unsure on this one though. I reacted this morning in a way I thought was what my subconscious was trying to tell me, but now I just feel bad and maybe it was the wrong choice.

I don't know, what are your thoughts?

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