Thursday, January 24, 2013

Reading - Do it more!

I used to go through a book a day. I visited my library all the time. I love reading and almost all my reading is non fiction. Having children saw my reading go out the window a little. Recently I started to read again and I can't get enough of it. I actually plan on going back to Uni to study, so this is good preparation!

Last weekend I visited my local library and ducked my head in to an op shop. Obviously I got a little excited because this is the pile of books I ended up with! Remarkably, I have finished 5 of them already!

My aim this year on my other blog was to read 24 books, or 2 books a month. I have a list of specific books I want to read and some will definitely take me longer than others, but I am loving the motivation I have now to read, write and learn.

It has been so refreshing and stimulating to be learning new things every night. I don't watch TV anymore, rarely watch movies and my kids are not always with me, so I have a lot of time.

Most of the books I am reading are biographies or books on psychology, economics, finance and marketing. These are my main interests right now.

What do you love to read?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Health and working out

I recently got a free 30 day membership to a gym. It was a promotion they had on their site, so I thought why not give it a go. I have managed to go 3 times this week, which is good. My preference would be 5 times, but I did my dance class 3 times this week too, so I am happy with that.

I am down to a size I am really happy with. I love my curves. My main focus is fitness and toning up. Today, I had a personal trainer go over the weights and things with me. As we did it, she was surprised. She'd set the weight to begin with and it was so light for me, we had to make it a lot heavier before I felt it.

"Wow, you actually have strength!" She said, surprised.
"Um, yeah? What do you mean?" I replied.
"Well, most women start here" (she pointed to the 2nd hole on the machine) "You're here" (5th hole). "That is strength! It is so good to have someone come in who is already strong."

I blushed. I didn't think I was weak, but didn't consider myself strong. As I did my circuit I watched the few other women who came over and used the equipment too. Not to make myself feel better then them, but to see if the PT was telling the truth.

She was.

I'm fortunate that I knew how to do the weights, had already been dancing for 8 weeks, so had built some strength, but still felt like I was lacking.

I started at over 100kgs after the birth of my 2nd daughter. I am down to 72.5kgs and feel so much better, but I am nowhere near as fit as I want to be. One of my goals was to be able to run 5k. Currently I can do about 1 - 2km depending on how much I have done the day before. My plan is by the time this membership is up, I will be running 5k.

I want to do fun runs. I want to eventually run a marathon, but one step at a time.

One issue I have with exercise is this:

My face gets red so quickly. Within 5 minutes of running, I end up matching my top! I have been this way since I was a kid and no, I don't have blood pressure problems or anything. I'm just special!

So far, I have not had this issue as much in dance. I am loving dance and my whole body aches afterwards. I feel like my body gets such a work out when I dance and I tone up quicker doing dance than I have ever going to the gym.

My current workout plan is:
Dance 3 - 5 times a week (it depends on how often I can get someone to look after my kids and when they are with their dad)
Gym 5 times a week - they have a creche for the kids I can use and I can use the gym 3 times when my kids are with their dad.

It might seem like a lot, but I am not going from no exercise to a lot. I have been working out in some form since September because I have wanted to get fit. Now I am stepping it up and really focusing. I have never focused or enjoyed working out as much as I am right now.

What exercise do you love?

Monday, January 7, 2013

A Soul Mate List?

Recently I did a life coaching session and one of the things suggested was a soul mate list. I am in the middle of a divorce and now is apparently a good time for me to write down what it is I want in a partner/husband.

I have friends who have done this with great success, one in particular that comes to mind has been married (2nd marriage) for 30 years now. She literally wrote her list, prayed to God and within 6 weeks met her soul mate. He ticked all her boxes.

I was told I need to be very specific, but there were some specifics mentioned that do no phase me. Some of my list is quite shallow, but I had to be specific. So here some of my "soul mate requirements"...

- Over 6ft, preferably 6ft 2" - 6ft 6". My dad, uncles, brother and many of their friends when I was growing up are all in this height range. I remember my mum saying a few things when I was younger about height being important and while my ex was just shy of 6ft, I would have loved a little more height.
- Trustworthy, someone I respect and admire
- Intelligent in many ways but especially with a strong interest in finance/economics
- Someone I can leave in charge of the finances and other big decisions. I am happy to still work and things, but would love my husband to be the leader and take control, which comes back to the trust/respect and interest in finance.
- Responsible
- Loves my kids
- Long fingers and smooth skin
- No children. I know, that's slack because I have kids, but I am not sure I could be a good step mum.
- Strong family values, similar to my own
- Patient, slow to anger and a good problem solver
- Sense of humour similar to mine
- Quick thinker. I think to fast for some people so I would like someone who keeps up with me.
- Lean, fit and healthy. I am not into a mass of muscles, but prefer leaner men, but I still want him to be fit and healthy.
- Christian
- Happy for me to work, but he provides for the family financially, so I can still do what I enjoy, but no pressure to provide.
- Doesn't want me to have fake nails.
- Doesn't put more effort into his looks than I do. I find it a real turn off when men shave everything and spend hours getting ready. I want a man, not a primpy/prissy/dolled up boy.
- Financially savvy
- Speaks another language fluently

I have a few others, but don't want to post them. Did you have a soul mate check list? What are your thoughts on them?

Friday, January 4, 2013

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that Jazz...

Well it has been a while since I posted and a lot has happened. First we had Christmas. I spent mine in Canberra with my family. This year was my first year without my daughters and it hurt. I missed them so, so much, but it is only fair we alternate years.

I was shocked with the gifts I received and look forward to going down next week with my kids for them to give presents to their grandparents. My parents got me an amazing iron. I have never had an iron worth more than $10 or $20 and they were always crap in comparison to mums. Mum got me what she thought was a $40 one, which turned out to be a $70 fantastic one!

My parents don't do gift cards. Mum will never give them, but to my absolute amazement I got one this year (I have had the most shocking year). I nearly fell over. Even better was when I went to use it and one of my favourite stores was on sale. Usually a dress there costs me $140, but I got 2 for $70, leaving money still on my gift card for later!

This is the next dress I will be getting with some of the giftcard money and paying the difference.

New Years Eve I had my kids and boy did we party! They crashed out at 9pm and I watched the Dark Knight and worked. Woo hoo! I'm exciting.

The last 3 months of 2012 were extremely intense for me and some of the scariest of my life. I am grateful I have gotten through it and so far the New Year has been amazing and I look forward to a prosperous and happy 2013.