Friday, February 8, 2013

Achieving a goal

Picture thanks to Penny of Working Mums Masterclass

I decided last year that this year I would do a lot more public speaking, I wanted to look into coaching or mentoring and doing webinars for and from my other site. If you didn't know I am an author, international public speaker, freelance writer and mentor as well as blogger.

Right at the end of last year the amazing Penny, from Working Mums Masterclass emailed me about a mentor program she was starting for 2013 and asked if I wanted to be the Home Finance Mentor. It means more public speaking, doing webinars and private mentoring sessions. I jumped at it. This is perfect. It covers everything I want to do, I get paid to do it all and I am not the one doing all the promotional work etc.

Today some of the NSW mentors got together for a photo shoot about the program. The Melbourne Herald will have an article an the photo all about it. The pic at the top is from Penny's phone. It was great to meet some of the other mentors. There are a few of us covering all different things such as finance, menu planning, goal setting, organisation, going organic, time management etc. Click here to check them all out and book sessions if you like.

I am so excited about the program and extremely happy to be part of it.

Have you ever had or been a mentor? What are your thoughts?

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