Sunday, April 28, 2013

Words that make you think...

I can't remember where I came across this recently, but it certainly made me think. How many of us are really living? Or are we just chasing the money, wearing ourselves out, not having time for family, not taking time for ourselves, just going through the daily grind?

Then we get so worn out we get sick and spend a fortune trying to get better, but we "push through" because if we take a break the world will fall apart, right? We don't let our bodies heal, instead we continue working, putting strain on our sick bodies when we need to recuperate.

We stress about money, how we will cover everything right now, we focus so much on the future it ends up getting here so much faster than if we just slowed down, relaxed and lived in the present.

I know I am guilty of it. I have a passion for finances, but my family comes first and I have been changing my life so that I am living more in the here and now, less in the future and focusing less on my finances.

It has been quite freeing. And you know what? The world hasn't fallen apart as I have stepped back. In fact MY world - my family and my life, has improved.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Changing up the hair

Most of my life I have been blonde and I seem to always go back to it. I am strawberry blonde naturally and while I am not a huge fan of my natural colour, I am feel I should definitely stick to lighter hair.

Being a hairdresser I have had many colours in my hair over the years, pink, blue, purple, red, brown, orange, blonde and I think the most was a mixture of 6 colours, going from red at the bottom to blonde on the very top section of my hair. I loved it!

In the last 7 weeks I have changed my hair a fair bit. I was blonde

Like, REALLY blonde. I used a heavy purple toner to make sure my hair didn't throw yellow and I love being that blonde. My eyebrows are that colour naturally and I never wanted to bleach them.

7 weeks ago I threw in what was meant to be a deep, deep red. But duh, red and white make PINK!
I kept this for a week. The first few days it was a real purple pink, then it settled into my hair.

I had my friends wedding and though hot pink hair is probably not what she would want, so I died it a deep red, similar to what I was originally going for.

The red faded FAST, which I expected, so I pulled out some colours from my hairdressing bag, did a "lucky dip" mix and kept out a few bits to keep red. (My 4yr old took this pic).

Naturally, because I am trashing my hair and it has been bleach blonde for years it doesn't hold colour very well, so the dark lucky dip colour faded fast too.
(And yes, I plan on buying this dress. Loved it!)

Then this week I really began to miss my blonde. Yep, I am crazy!

So I bleached it. My plan was to do a double bleach like I have before, but after the way my hair felt with the first strip, I decided to not do that. Bit worried because after stripping the colour once my hair looked like this, with some really deep pink sections still from the red sections I had kept in. 

At this point all I had left in my bag was a colour I thought would be too light to make much of a difference and I couldn't be bothered going to the shops. So I used it. 

It still has a pink hue, but isn't too bad.

In this light it looks a bit darker than my natural hair, but similar shading. 

I won't be keeping it like this, but because I have put my hair through soooo much in such a short period of time, I think I need to give it a rest.

Do you change your hair much?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Power of Positive Thinking

Recently, my life has been all over the place. I have been hit quite hard with a lot of issues to deal with all at once and have gotten quite emotional at times over it all. Despite the trials I have been facing, I have tried to stay positive that things will work out. I try to live by the mantra that everything happens for a reason and I try to look for something positive in even the darkest of situations, although I don't always manage to do it quickly. Eventually I do find positives in horrid situations, but sometimes it takes time.

Lately I have struggled a little financially. I don't have as much in savings as I usually do and I have had more expenses than I used to with my income decreasing a little, money became a bit tight. I held on and knew that things would turn around and set a goal in my mind of how much I want to make this financial year and just how I would achieve that. So far, it seems to be working.

Instead of focusing on my lack of, I focused on how I could make more money and imagined my life filled with abundance. It seemed when I focused on my lack, I had less. My income streams would stagnate and things became harder.

Whereas, when I focused on how much potential my future has, what I want my future to look like and how I will make more money, the money seemed to flow.

This week my house got put on the market. I would have been happy for it to just sell, I barely cared what it sold for and when I realised this, I knew I had to focus instead on what I wanted it to sell for. And guess what? It has sold for more than I expected and my expectations were already a little on the high side.

I want to move back to Canberra, but it is slightly more expensive to live compared to where I am now. Just yesterday I was wondering how it would be possible. Now my house will be sold, I will be able to move and now I have increased my income again, it will be affordable plus I will have savings to help me should I need it.

By focusing on my goals, desires and trying to be positive everything seems to fall into place. I know it is not just a matter of positive thinking, but it sure helps.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Changing things up

I have been changing things up a lot and experimenting with clothing, hair, jewellery and everything. I am in the middle of a complete life overhaul and loving it.

Here are just a few pics of some of my changes.

1.) Red hair. I had blonde, then pink for a week, then this read, but it faded so quickly.

I have also been styling it differently like the picture above and this one below.

2.) More vintage/1950's dresses. I love that look, especially the wiggle style. And lately I have been curling my hair sometimes.

3.) Darker hair and tinted eyebrows. My 4yr old took this pic

4.) I have always loved boots and am on the look out for black knee or thigh highs. I have suede ones, but want leather or leather look

5.) New bags! I saw this one and it would be ideal for work

6.) Jeans are not something I have worn much of since losing weight, but I bought a new pair plus these wedge boots

7.) Shorts - I have always hated my legs so never wore them, but am loving these ones.

8.) Heels are nothing new, but I have specific ones I want to buy and these were one pair I wanted and I got them for $20!!!

I am really enjoying trying new things, seeing what I like, what suits me, what I feel comfortable in etc. Have you ever done a life overhaul?