Friday, April 5, 2013

Changing things up

I have been changing things up a lot and experimenting with clothing, hair, jewellery and everything. I am in the middle of a complete life overhaul and loving it.

Here are just a few pics of some of my changes.

1.) Red hair. I had blonde, then pink for a week, then this read, but it faded so quickly.

I have also been styling it differently like the picture above and this one below.

2.) More vintage/1950's dresses. I love that look, especially the wiggle style. And lately I have been curling my hair sometimes.

3.) Darker hair and tinted eyebrows. My 4yr old took this pic

4.) I have always loved boots and am on the look out for black knee or thigh highs. I have suede ones, but want leather or leather look

5.) New bags! I saw this one and it would be ideal for work

6.) Jeans are not something I have worn much of since losing weight, but I bought a new pair plus these wedge boots

7.) Shorts - I have always hated my legs so never wore them, but am loving these ones.

8.) Heels are nothing new, but I have specific ones I want to buy and these were one pair I wanted and I got them for $20!!!

I am really enjoying trying new things, seeing what I like, what suits me, what I feel comfortable in etc. Have you ever done a life overhaul?


  1. My favourite is the picture no 2 with the curly hair and vintage but stylish.

    1. Thanks Kathy. I like to wear my hair like that when I have the time and vintage dresses have been fun.