Sunday, May 19, 2013

Are anti-ageing products worth it?

I am paranoid about looking old. I used to often feel old. I have been mistaken for being 34 before and a few times people have guessed my age to be in the 30's. I am currently 28. I was 27 when someone thought I was 34. Not cool.

As such, anti ageing products have been on my radar a fair bit. At Christmas someone thought I was 34, so I started using products religiously! A few months ago, someone guessed me to be the younger sister out of my 25yr old sister and I. I was ecstatic.

I have often been told that I seem old for the following reasons:

  • My soon to be ex husband is 5 years older than me. Most people we knew mutually assumed I was his age.
  • I talk older/act more mature/'have my head screwed on right'
  • I dress like a 'mum' (this was last year, before I redid my style and wardrobe).
  • The majority of people I socialise with or are friends with are at least 10years older than me. This has been common throughout my entire life, having older friends. My preference for a partner is older too.
Despite the reasons people have given me as to why they think I am older than I am, it still makes me feel old to often have people guess my age at 5 - 10 years older than I am.

So I have been experimenting. I tried Clinique products with some success. I was given them for free, so figured why not. The ones that have had the most effect though are Skinstitut, particularly Eye Believe, Retinol and Vitamin C. (3 products for $45 is pretty good too!)

Here is a picture of my eyes, close up about 2 months ago.

I have only fine lines around my eyes. They are more noticeable when I smile. I am ok with them as they are smile lines, but if I can stop them developing more for some time, I will.

I took this today. The fine line just under my eye has pretty much disappeared and the fine crows feet are basically gone. My forehead wrinkles are decreasing and I have not even been using the creams every day! I am so impressed.

I have used other anti-ageing products which cost a whole lot more and was less than impressed. I am vain and I will fight ageing as much as possible. Overall, I think most creams are a crock and just overpriced sorbolene. Having seen the difference in the pictures for myself and having been able to visibly see my face change in my mirror, I feel these ones are different.

I didn't get paid to post about them and it is not an affiliate link. I just wanted to share how impressed I am with them.

Do you use anti ageing products? Do you think they work or are a waste of money?

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