Tuesday, July 2, 2013

1950's housewarming party

The other week my sister messaged asking if we could do a Tupperware party at my new house, which I had not even moved in to yet. I agreed and she came up with the brilliant idea of doing a Rockin' 1950's House Warming party combined with the Tupperware party because she is awesome like that. I love the 1950's, the style, the glamour, the family lifestyles, the whole housewife thing. Love it.

It's next week and I have been trying to think about what to serve, what to wear, what to do etc. I told the Tupperware lady we want 1950's theme and picked a pear tart recipe for her to make. I already have a few 1950's outfits. I actually picked up the most perfect little jacket at an op shop the other week which means I can wear my summer dresses year round now.

I'm hopefully getting my hair and make up done at a salon here in Canberra that specialises in that look. I know how to do it myself, but want to be pampered and my sister wanted to check it out too. We're hoping she can get a half day so we can go together.

I've been looking up recipes and have come up with:
Devilled eggs (hoping my step mum comes because she makes the BEST devilled eggs ever!)
Cheeseball with crackers and vegie sticks
Pastry snails
Pigs in blankets
Little pies/tarts
Things on tooth picks (onions, cabanossi, cheese etc)
Mini meatballs or mini meatloaves

Things like that. Do you have any great suggestions?

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