Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Redlippedvember - Wear red lipstick in November

Jac Lambert set the challenge to wear red lipstick in November. It isn't to raise money for charity or anything like that, more to increase confidence, self esteem etc. Red is a colour of power. Red is beautiful on anyone, provided you have the right shade.

I love red lipstick and yes, there is an art to applying it, it's a process, not just slap it on and go. Yes, it can end up on your teeth and look tacky if not done right. I know my red lipstick is not the right red for me. I need a deeper, more red colour which I will be searching for tomorrow. My preference is lip stain or lip sticks that do not smudge off. My kids love red lippy that leaves kiss marks on them when I kiss them, so I have both. The giggles I get and requests for more kisses make that lipstick special to me.

Day 1 with a lippy that is too orange for me, attempting duck face for my kids 

This colour is more me, but is not colourstay and drives me nuts.

Same here, plus I didn't line my lips properly or anything. 

I am not a fan of my lips. They are a bit wonky and I am not overly confident in applying lipstick. I usually gloss and go or even just lip balm. In fact, I have scaled my beauty routine right back and tend to just use BB cream, mascara and lip gloss for make up now. A lot easier and my skin has been better with it.

So, do you don red lippy? How does it make you feel?

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