Friday, May 16, 2014

My top 5 winter must haves

Winter is my favourite season. I love boots, coats, scarves and winter fashion in general. It’s more modest and I’m not sweating up a storm like I do in summer.

I was reviewing my shoe collection last week and noticed the boots I have worn for the past 2 winters are looking worse for wear. I love them, but really want leather boots this year. Thinking of new boots lead me to reviewing my entire wardrobe. For someone who loves winter, my wardrobe apparently loves summer!

Being a single mum, I need to be smart about my spending. I looked at my wardrobe and decided on 5 items I need to extend my current wardrobe without breaking the bank.
1.) Boots 
My preference is leather, knee-high boots. They can be worn with knit dresses, skirts or over jeans - versatile, warm and if you pick the right style, pretty timeless.

2.) Skinny jeans
Currently, I own no jeans and the last pair I had were skinny jeans. They can be paired up with boots, heels or flats depending on where you are going and what look you are going for.

3.) Leather jacket 
I love a black leather jacket. Teamed with skinny jeans it looks great. I wouldn’t be wearing my boots and jacket at the same time, but I am partial to leather.

4.) Stockings 
I have stockings I am still wearing from last year, but need a few new pairs. Thick ones are great for wearing with shorts and boots, patterned ones can add a bit of difference to an otherwise plain outfit and stockings have the added bonus of making your legs look nicer with no effort.

5.) Long sleeve white tee 
I have a black one and a classic white shirt but what I really need is a white long sleeve tee. It can be worn on it’s own, under dresses, with jeans for a casual look, with skirts or under a shirt for an extra layer of warmth.

Since clothing is not a top priority in my budget right now, I decided to sit down and see where I might be able to put the squeeze on my budget. Groceries I had already shaved right down, but I hadn’t checked my insurance for a while.

Australia Post Car Insurance is offering a 20% discount for anyone who buys comprehensive insurance (online only) before June 30. This time of year is the best for bargains because you will find an EOFYS (End Of Financial Year Sale) pretty much anywhere. I jumped online to compare Australia Post Car Insurance with my current provider and to my shock I will save $200! It took less than 5 minutes and when comparing coverage there is the option to go with market value or agreed value and they placed the value of my car in the same vicinity as I had found online. I’ve had other insurance companies place the value of my car lower than market rate, so it’s good to know they value it properly.

 With careful planning, watching sales and knowing where to shop, I should b able to get my 5 items for the amount I have saved switching to Australia Post Car Insurance! How cool is that?

What are your fashion must haves? What would you do with a spare $200?

Friday, May 2, 2014

Opening night at #FashFest

Wednesday night I had the opportunity to have a VIP experience at FashFest. Unfortunately, my sister and I were late, but it was still a great experience. We went backstage and learnt about hair and make up and all that goes on backstage. We got to walk the catwalk, see how the show was put on with video, lighting and sound, then mix in the bar area with the designers.

I am not hugely into fashion, but it was a fun night. I loved the dresses from Rockstars and Royalty, along with the Darling Sisters who had a real retro vibe, a look I love. Unfortunately, my phone has decided not to co-operate and I can't download the beautiful pictures I have! We were front row and the models from Rockstars and Royalty stopped and turned right in front of us. It was perfect!

So here are the 3 pictures I posted on Instagram on the night

Jac Lambert and I doing selfies

Jac's amazing mohawk. It was a little flat in this pic, and you can't see the colours but EVERYONE was taking pictures of her all night.

One of the beautiful designs, not my favourite one but still stunning. Vicky, the designer of Rockstars and Royalty is lovely and talented.

Have you ever been to a fashion show? Do you have favourite designers?