Friday, May 2, 2014

Opening night at #FashFest

Wednesday night I had the opportunity to have a VIP experience at FashFest. Unfortunately, my sister and I were late, but it was still a great experience. We went backstage and learnt about hair and make up and all that goes on backstage. We got to walk the catwalk, see how the show was put on with video, lighting and sound, then mix in the bar area with the designers.

I am not hugely into fashion, but it was a fun night. I loved the dresses from Rockstars and Royalty, along with the Darling Sisters who had a real retro vibe, a look I love. Unfortunately, my phone has decided not to co-operate and I can't download the beautiful pictures I have! We were front row and the models from Rockstars and Royalty stopped and turned right in front of us. It was perfect!

So here are the 3 pictures I posted on Instagram on the night

Jac Lambert and I doing selfies

Jac's amazing mohawk. It was a little flat in this pic, and you can't see the colours but EVERYONE was taking pictures of her all night.

One of the beautiful designs, not my favourite one but still stunning. Vicky, the designer of Rockstars and Royalty is lovely and talented.

Have you ever been to a fashion show? Do you have favourite designers?

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