Friday, October 24, 2014

Making our home a home

We moved house again last month. Our last move was meant to be the final one until we bought our own home, but circumstances changed and we had to move again. Fortunately our new home will be our home as long as we want. I know the owners are not going to be selling, especially now we are here. My daughters adore it and best yet, we can do anything we want to it.

I moved 2 nights before I flew out for an overseas conference, then it was school holidays so I am only just catching my breath now to sort out the house properly. I am pretty excited to say the least about implementing some tiny things that make a huge difference to organization within the home.

We started with the garden this week. The weeds are taller than me in some sections.

We will be planting a vegetable garden. There is already an established orange tree and I noticed our back neighbours have chickens, which is something we want too.

It is such a relief to be living somewhere I know we can be for years and that I can treat as my own home. In my last property I couldn't even have fish according to my lease.

The plan is to stay here for sometime while I invest my money elsewhere. I want to make this our home, but as frugally as possible.

What ways have you renovated, improved a home or garden on a budget?

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  1. What a great move for your family it must be great to know you are firmly planted in one spot for a while. Check out "Rhonda Hetzel" from Down to a earth Blog. She has also written a book of the same now all about chickens, veggie gardens, making home made cleaners, soap etc recipes and heaps more. She lives on the Sunshine Coast with her husband Hanno and I met them recently at one of this library talks. She's just done some posts on veggie gardening on a budget but her blog has heaps of things that might interest you. All the best with your new to you home. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane